Intermediate Division

In the Intermediate Division, the dancer begins to study the intermediate classical ballet technique. Emphasis is placed on refining the classical ballet steps already in the dancer’s repertoire, introducing classical ballet steps of a greater degree of difficulty in accordance with the School Syllabus, and beginning to apply the concept of artistry. In addition to technique class, dancers of the appropriate age begin pointe work. Yearly advancement is based on Faculty Evaluations of the dancer’s physical body strength, technical ability, classroom effort, classroom etiquette, and attendance. All classes feature live piano accompaniment. Placement Class is required in the Intermediate Division.

Intermediate (Ages 11-15)

1-Hour Class Three Days Per Week

Class Schedule

  • Monday & Tuesday (Technique Class) 4:30-5:30 pm
  • Thursday (Beginning Pointe Class) 4:30-5:30 pm


1. Three Installments Choice ($2,100 Annual Tuition Total)

  • $420 First Installment (September & June)
  • $840 Second Installment (October-January)
  • $840 Third Installment (February-May)

2. Paid In Full Choice ($1,890 Annual Tuition Total * Includes 10% Discount)

  • $1,890


  • Miss Erin Ceragioli
  • Mr. Joel Myers
  • Miss Melissa Lovejoy-Goldman

(Cash or Check or Credit Card)
*Additional Convenience Fees Added to All Credit Card Purchases

Dress Code For Intermediate Division



CC100 Black Cotton Camisole Leotard
A46 Classical Ballet Pink Tights
Ballet Pink Canvas Ballet Shoes
Ballet Pink Pointe Shoes


Neat Classical Bun Worn at Crown of Head
No Bangs
No Hair Accessories



Black or White Tee Shirt
Black Footed or Footless Tights
Black or White Cotton Socks
Black or White Ballet Shoes


Neatly Groomed

Regulations For Ladies & Gentlemen

  • No Jewelry
  • No Nail Polish
  • No Undergarments
  • Dancers Required To Wear Street Clothing Over Ballet Attire
    • When Arriving To Ballet School
    • When Departing From Ballet School


Tacoma City Ballet Provides
Excellent Classical Ballet Instruction and Performance
Creating Accessibility to the Performing Arts

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Phone: (253) 272-4219